Welcome to the 2020-21 Committee




Hello, I’m Charlotte, a 4th year biochemist and this will be my third year on TCBC committee. Last year was an unusual one for the boat club with a significant lack of time on the water, however, we have a lot of keen novices and returning seniors and so I'm hoping this new season can be a chance to start fresh and we can continue the strong performances seen recently on both sides of the boat club. I didn't start rowing until I joined Trinity but it's not hard to see why it's the biggest sport in college, rowing is an excellent way to meet new people, get fit, and I strongly believe it's something everyone should try during their time at Oxford as there's no better experience than competing in bumps.  I'm looking forward to working with the rest of the committee to make this a year TCBC can remember!



Women's Captain

Hi everyone! I’m Ella, this year's TCBC women’s captain. If you have any questions about rowing, want to join in with training or want to ramble about 2k times at length, come find me! My goal for the team this year is to grow our strong and supportive community, and have as much fun getting fit as possible! Weights, yoga and circuits are a part of training along with ergs and water sessions, so there’ll be something for everyone. I would love to hear your input on how to make training even more fun, or if you want or see new and different sessions. Looking forward to getting some fast boats on the water! Outside of rowing, I’m a second-year mathematician, JCR treasurer and a big fan of languages at lunch, so I’m sure you’ll see me around college!



Men's Co-Captain

Hi, I’m Tom and I’ll be working alongside Alannah as TCBC men’s captain 2020-21. Like many who join TCBC, I came with no experience in rowing but an interest in giving it a go! As co-captain, I aim to serve the most experienced rowers, those starting out in their ‘rowing journeys’ and all those in between. I’m looking forward to another year in TCBC, not just to improve as a rower, but also to play a more active role in the club alongside this year’s fantastic committee



Men's Co-Captain

Hello! I’m Alannah, one of the Men’s Co-Captain’s of Trinity College Boat Club for 2020-21. Though we didn’t get very many opportunities to get out on the water last year, land training boded well for TCBC’s future! Given the lack of racing last year, it’s all to play for and I’m excited to see what we can do. I’m really looking forward to working alongside the wonderful Tom as my Co-Captain and the rest of the committee. TCBC is a fantastic community and we’re looking forward to welcoming our new novices and supporting our returning seniors!




Hiya! I’m Holly, a second-year English student, and I’m TCBC’s Secretary for the 2020-21 season. I will be looking after some of the general running of the club by disseminating information and organising stash. I became involved with the squad as a cox last year and, although we didn’t get much water time, I can’t wait to help develop and build upon the already friendly, efficient and cohesive environment which makes rowing at Trinity so rewarding!




Hi, I’m Kate and I’m a third-year mathematician. I started rowing when I joined Trinity in my first year and I’ve never looked back! This year, in my role of treasurer, I’ll be overseeing the finances of the boat club, so if you have any questions regarding this, or need reimbursing then I’m the person to ask. I’m really excited to be on committee for another year; to contribute to the club that has afforded me so many wonderful experiences and to continue to see TCBC go from strength to strength!



Captain of Coxes

Hi! I’m Hannah, a second-year Materials PhD student, and I’m the Captain of Coxes for TCBC this year. I started coxing at Newnham College, Cambridge back in 2015, my first year of undergrad, and have loved it ever since. I’ve coxed many Lent and May Bumps (Cambridge’s Torpids and Summer VIIIs), and even some Town Bumps over the summer – racing is just such a rush, even for a cox – a whole other side of me comes out! I’m really excited to be Captain of Coxes this year, I’m hoping to bring the coxes of TCBC together to share our wealth of knowledge (myself and the men’s first cox have 13 years combined experience). If you want to become a cox, please let me (or any of the captains) know and we at TCBC will be delighted to train you up from scratch!



Women's Social Sec

Hi, I’m Clare, I’ll be TCBC women’s social secretary this year and I’m super excited that the women will no longer be left out of the crewdate plans! Despite the fact that I’m a third year E&Mer, I do have some morals, and want to make the boat club as inclusive and welcoming as possible (sorry for the cliché). I honestly think that the boat club is one of the most sociable college societies, and the training and socials are a great way to make new friends, find your place in college and take a bit of a break from work. No matter what people may tell you, I do actually row - although it hasn’t been the easiest ride given the two failed swim tests and the multiple injuries - and therefore understand the importance of team spirit in the boat, something that I hope to help promote throughout the whole squad this year! I’m ready to get planning and take on any challenges social distancing may throw at us, so be prepared for some great times!



Men's Social Sec

I'm Frankie Wright a first year PPE Student here at Trinity College and I'm your TCBC Social Secretary I was born and raised in Suffolk and I attended my local State comprehensive school, where Oxford was always more of a dream than a reality. One of the first students to get a place here in almost 5 five years, I'm determined to make the most of it and getting to be a part of college rowing has been huge part of that for me. While this term we may not have spent as much time on the water as we would've expected, the socials have still kept the clubs spirits high, and I'm looking forward to continuing that into Michealmas term!


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