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Welcome to the 2021-22 Committee




Hi! I’m Rose, a third year medic, and I’ll be acting as TCBC President for 2022-2023! Having been Women’s Captain for 2021-22, I’m super excited to be able to continue working with the committee to keep Trinity’s success going strong! I came to Oxford with zero rowing experience, but I can safely say I'm in it for the long run now!


Trinity College Boat Club pride ourselves in welcoming all rowers, of any experience. So if you have any questions at all about getting involved please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



Hi everyone I'm Harry, third-year biochemist TCBC's treasurer for the 2022-23 season! Like many other members of the club I was a complete beginner when I started rowing with Trinity in 2021, and it is definitely the most fun I've had so far. Bumps racing as well as time trial IWLs have been excellent fun so I hope we can encourage members of all experiences to have a try!

As treasurer I hope to be able to help the committee where possible to keep TCBC going, as well as keep on top of the club finances.

We're all looking forward for the next successful year, see you soon!




Hi everyone, I’m Minty, a second-year English student, and TCBC's Secretary for 2022-23.

Arriving at Trinity having never held an oar before, I’ve been super lucky to get out on the water so often in my first year, as we were all starting to come out of COVID. Now, I can’t wait to work with the rest of the committee to bring new recruits into the fold, and get our club up to full strength for another outstanding year. Among other things, I’ll be in charge of keeping rowers and the wider community updated on all our TCBC news and developments, so watch this space!

Please contact me with any questions.



Women's Co-Captain

Hi my name's Grace and I'm the women's co-captain this year. I began rowing at TCBC in 2021 with no previous rowing experience and have found it highly rewarding. I am very proud to be a member of the committee and represent the TCBC community, and I am looking forward to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and competitive participation in female rowing. I am especially passionate about encouraging those who have no sporting history or access to rowing previously to be involved in the club and want to promote a welcoming space for people of all backgrounds and gender identities. Please feel free to contact with me or my co-captain Caity with any of your rowing needs!



Women's Co-Captain

Hey! I’m Caity, a second year English student and co-captain of the women’s side of TCBC for the 2022/23 season. I’m very excited for another great year of rowing with the squad and especially training with new members. The year ahead looks to be busy, productive and (importantly) very fun and I can’t wait to help TCBC continue to function as the great club it is. For those with or without prior rowing experience, TCBC provides a competitive as well as social atmosphere that is close-knit and supportive. I can’t wait to see the club continue to grow this year. Me and co-captain Grace would be very happy to answer any questions you might have, see you on the water!



Men's Captain

Hi, I’m Josh, a second year chemist, and I’ll be TCBC Men’s Captain for 2022-2023! I can’t wait for another year of rowing with the squad and of course working with new members, welcoming them into the club regardless of prior experience. I arrived at Trinity College having never rowed before but I quickly found a love for it and I am looking forward to doing my bit to help create a successful men’s squad this year. Please ask any questions you might have, excited to see you all in the boat!



Men's Vice-Captain

My name is Theo, and I am vice-captain of TCBC. Currently I am entering my second year of studying Ancient and Modern History (an unnecessarily specific degree). Studying at Oxford has always been a dream of mine from watching TV shows like Morse, minus the murder. Part of that dream has also been rowing here. I have been rowing since I was 13 and love training and being on the water. Rowing for Trinity has been especially amazing, though, due to the great environment here. A wide range of skill levels, great team spirit and a social life that puts other colleges to shame, it is one of my main joys here. While part of the club I have taken part in Torpids and Summer eights, and luckily (or unluckily) the renowned Trinity Torpids video. I hope that as vice-captain I can serve the club well and make sure everyone has the same experience I had, and enjoy the of the Oxford experience. 



Foreign Secretary

Hi, I'm Jan, a third year law student and the previous Men's Captain of TCBC.

This year I will be serving as TCBC's Foreign Secretary, a new executive committee position with the responsibility of finding and entering TCBC crews into races and regattas outside of Oxford. I am very excited to see the expansion of TCBC back into the outside world and make our boat club known to the entire UK rather than just amongst the Oxford colleges.

If you have any questions about participation in these races, or about rowing for TCBC, feel free to get in contact!

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