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Michaelmas Term So Far

This past weekend marked the halfway mark of Michaelmas Term 2020, certainly one of the most unusual terms so far as we find ourselves in a second lockdown which has once again put a halt to rowing. Despite the issues with coronavirus - and the usual issues with river levels - TCBC managed to make the most of the weeks we had before the lockdown came into place.

A new year means a new committee, their photos and bios can be found under the committee tab of the website and we were all hard at work over the summer ensuring rowing could go ahead as close to normal as possible. There are many changes, but time on the water remains as fun as ever and both sides of the boat club managed to get in several outings at the start of term allowing seniors to return to the river, and also for novices to get a taste of what rowing is like.

In terms of land training, we have been limited by college's decision to close the gym, but we've been working hard off the water none the less. There have been many club runs and zoom circuits are now a regular part of the training plan, in fact during this second lockdown we've put together a plan for a daily zoom session to make lockdown a little more bearable.

With the rest of term looking like a dud for rowing (the national lockdown ends a couple of days before the end of term), it's likely that many of our rowers won't get out onto the water again until 2021. However, global pandemic permitting we have big plans for 2021 and are eagerly awaiting Torpids, with no bumps taking place since eights 2019 it's something to look forward to for sure!

If you have any questions about the boat club please get in touch with me via the email or drop us a message via the contact section of the website!

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