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The crew celebrating their third bump of the week on Saturday of Torpids. Every bump they achieved was an overbump

2019-03-03 11.53.19.jpg
2019-03-30 17.26.34.jpg

HORR 2019

TCBC Men put together a boat of current and previous members to compete in HoRR 2019

W2 EIGHTS 2019

The crew managed to achieve blades and bump back into fixed divs!

2019-06-01 14.20.29.jpg
2018 M2.PNG

M2 2018 IWL B

This is the M2 of 2018 on the approach to Donnington Bridge on their second IWL.

They ended up coming 15th and 19th out of 26 men's 8s - impressive considering the batch was up against mainly college M1s.

M1 Torpids 2017 on day 2

TCBC saw a lot of diversity in the success during Torpids 2017, with M1, M2 and W1 roughly maintaining their positions. M3 going -6, then blades for both W2 and M4.

2017 M1 day 2 rowed over.PNG
2015 W1 Blades double overbumps St Catz.PNG

W1 Summer Eights 2015 Blades:

W1 got a double overbump on St Catz on the last day to achieve blades in Summer VIII's 2015

2013 M1 bumps Wadham.PNG

M1 Summer Eights 2013:

M1 bump Wadham M1 on the first day of Eights. Wadham had managed to stay just out of reach during Eights 2012 but now they finally caught them.

This crew went on to win blades bumping Baliol M1 on the last day.

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