Mens' 3rd Torpid 2022:

Achieved blades with +5 and moved into fixed divisions. Bumped St John's, Hertford, Wadham, St Edmund Hall and Wolfson. This crew could never be seen from boathouse island: their strength meant that they always bumped out before even reaching the gut.

Bow to Cox:

Morgan Wright, Daniel Fremantle, Zhining Li, Frankie Wright,

Guy Ward-Jackson, Nikola Srinc, Andrei Stefanescu, James Allen, Oliver Clement

Womens' 1st Torpid 2022:

Maintained 10th on the river. Bumped New College W1 and were bumped by Jesus W1. A remarkable performance from the women, achieving a bump on the first day under harsher currents and weather than normal. Their novice cox proved to be very confident despite being placed in the first division.

Bow to Cox:

Caity Pang, Olivia Endacott, Anika Schwarze-Chintapatla, Grace Davison, Darya 'Dasha' Sutton, Ore Jacobi, Caity Watson, Kate Adams, Tom Lewis

Mens' 2nd Torpid 2022:

+2 for the week, bumping St Edmund Hall, St Anne's, and St Antony's. Were bumped by St Hilda's. On the third day, Wadham M2 bumped out before they could catch them, because the bumps happened early on, Wadham couldn't get out the race line quick enough and M2 crashed, leaving a hole in the bow of the boat. Despite this the crew still managed to catch and bump St Anne's before having to land at Longbridges boathouse and run back to boathouse island in case they were declared the sandwich crew - eventually Wadham M2 was declared as the sandwich crew after both crews had reached bungline 13.

Bow to Cox:

Harry Walton, Henry Hall, Joshua Holloway, Anton Grishechkin, Finlay Ford, Dylan Sherman, Tom Lewis, Joshua Rosen, Kate Adams 

Mens' 1st Torpid 2022:

 -2 for the week. Bumped by University College and Merton. Division 1 was difficult this year, with every crew showing surprising skill and speed. M1 was capable of keeping up, managing to maintain their division 1 position.

Bow to Cox:
Oliver Clement, Henry Cowell, Jan Barraclough, Joshua Neil, Zachary Rawlinson, Theo Finlan, Alex Schweich, Luke Robinson, Holly Gardner

TCBC entered a crew to row a 

marathon from OUBC's Fleming

boathouse in Wallingford to the Isis. This was an excellent trip, lasting around 5 hours with music entertaining many onlookers.

This was in support of Fulham Reach Boat Club and their junior bursary scheme.


TCBC x FRBC Marathon:
20th April 2022