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President's Report 2021/22

The 2021/22 season has seen TCBC return to full force post-pandemic. Old traditions such as the annual Easter training camp and Trinity Term dinner have been revived, and new traditions such as the fundraiser marathon row forged. This year has also seen both Torpids and Eights be raced for the first time since 2019.

Notably, Trinity fielded five crews for Torpids, more than in any recent years. All boats put in some valiant performances, but particular note must go to the mighty Torpids M3, who achieved blades; and the gutsy W1 who held onto their position as tenth on the river, with many of the crew only having started rowing this year.

Trinity term saw many of our finalist rowers retire to the library, leaving the playing field wide open for some of our more novice rowers to prove their mettle. They did not disappoint, stepping up to fill first and second boats, and putting in gutsy performances against strong opposition. The W1 avoided spoons by putting in a strong row over on day one but ended the week -3 overall. The M1 meanwhile sadly ended up with spoons but remain in division one. Much of the crew will be back next year seeking revenge. M2 fought hard and ended up net zero for the week after a tussle with Jesus M2. It was the M3, comprised of a mixture of former TCBC stalwarts, novices, and senior member Chris Ferguson, who saw the greatest success, narrowly missing out on blades as they went +3 for the week. The week ended with the return of Boat Club dinner.

It has been a real privilege being TCBC President this year and watching the club grow. I am excited to watch this continue under the care of the incoming committee. Please head over the ‘meet the committee’ tab to read their introductions. I have no doubt the club will be in safe hands.

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