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Summer Eights 2019 Report

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

This year we saw one of our most successful Eights campaigns as a club with not a single boat of ours getting bumped. Find the breakdowns of each crews weeks below:

W1 had a great week with some great racing everyday. A +2 finish for the girls was great but doesn't show hard the women has worked with some near bumps on a couple of the days.

M1 had a tough start to the week chasing a strong crew from St Edmund Hall, unfortunately University College couldn't hold off long enough for our boys to catch Teddy Hall. The next day saw an easy Bump on University College, followed by another good Bump on Balliol College on the Friday of racing. Saturday saw more upset as racing was klaxoned due to an issue on the entrance to the Gut. Despite an appeal M1 were not award their Bump on Wolfson College, finishing +2 for the week and hungry for more next year.

W2 set out with the aim of making it back into Fixed Divisions and smashed this target in the process earning Blades for themselves. The crew was a real testament to the hard work both the athletes and coaches have put in to building a great squad.

M2 had a great week and proved to be a fantastic racing crew. On multiple occasions they escaped from crews who had gotten within a quarter length of them only to walk away to 2 length margins by the finish. It's going to be really exciting to see what these men can bring to the table next year and beyond!

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